After a week in the workyard, we have knocked out a few items on the checklist, and we’re waist deep in a few others…

Projects In Progress:

New Zincs-Hard to find in Mexico!

Chainplates-Three are at the machinist now, five more to go

Tenders-Patch numerous holes


Projects Completed:



Winches-Cleaned and greased

Fuel Tank-Polished

Decals-She now says “Selkie” again (her original name), with a hailing port of Missoula, MT


Projects Impending:

Mast-Sand, prime and paint surface corrosion spots

Mast-Rebed mast hardware with proper insulation

Standing Rigging-Replace upper shrouds at a minimum…still need to inspect top portions of all stays and shrouds

Composting Head-Remove old head and install new composting head

Fuel Tank-Install inspection port

Brightwork-Teak on the topsides will get a few coats of Cetol

On another note, we’re meeting a lot of amazing folks here in San Carlos who have made this journey even more rich and full of character!  A small segment of this population include
a) Wolfgang: a German single-hander who revels an amazing story of being assisted by the Coast Guard off the Pacific Coast
b) Sean: 2 years into restoring a 45+ year old sailboat with a group of friends and currently renting a semi-mansion on the hill that we’ve been lucky enough to visit
c) Steve and Lulu:  fellow cruisers whose blog we’ve been following for about a year….and now have gotten the opportunity to meet them in person and swap stories – wonderful folks!

As you can see from this suite of photos, we’re finding some time for other adventures, namely beach and ocean related!

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