It’s Day 5 of living in Mexico.  What the heck have we been doing with all our free time?  Well, a ton….and not a lot at all.  At the same time.  Confusing,  I know.  We knew life would be different down here – and that’s exactly what we wanted.  It’s what we’re getting – and we’re loving it!

Here’s a breakdown of our typical day.  We’ve been (trying to) start our day around 5 am in the morning. ‘What the hell for?!’ you ask? Well, because it gets hot and humid down here pretty dang quick and we have a boatload of projects to do.  So, after brewing up a pot of horrendous, coffee flavored water, we walk Wylie down to the beach, which is just a block away, to take a family stroll and swim in the 80-degree water. We usually amble on back to our little casita by around 6:30 am, just as it starts to get really hot.  Not a bad way to start the day, eh (except for the bad coffee, that is)?

Then, we attempt to tackle the growing ‘To Do’ list we’ve accumulated.  This process usually leads us to drive in circles around the town of San Carlos for hours (which isn’t that big, thankfully) trying to accomplish the one single task that we assumed would take 20 minutes.  Sigh. It’s often frustrating and nerve racking , but then we remind ourselves that we’re not at our 9-5 jobs and we’re living a block from the beach in Mexico.  Silly us.

The afternoons consist of retreating back to the casita to hunker down in the AC (did we mention it’s a bit hot down here?), tackle the items on the to-do list that we can do from home, eat lunch and regroup.  In the evening we get Wylie back out for another walk and swim on the beach, then perhaps cook up some fish (flounder last night with some other sailing friends). After sundown, you’ll probably find us drinking a few cold Modelos on the rooftop deck.

Here’s a run down of what we HAVE managed to accomplish in the past few days:

1) Moved into our little casita (small 1/1 house):  We’ll be here for the month of July while we’re working on the boat in the work yard.
2) TIP:  Obtained our Temporary Import Permit for the boat, which is required for foreigners owning a boat in Mexican waters.
3) Got set up with internet access:  This took 4 separate stops over 2 days.  We originally wanted a pre-paid cell phone as well, but we settled with what we could get for now!
4) Grocery shopping:  I’ve never thought of grocery shopping as an adventure before this!
5) Visit Selkie:  This was obviously the highlight of the trip so far!   Sorry to leave you hanging, but Selkie will be moving to the work yard Monday morning.  We’ll report back with more information on our findings and photos in a few days.

For now, here’s some more photos (by popular demand)!

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