We were more than a little nervous as we rolled into Nogales, AZ yesterday morning. We had nothing to hide, but we did have a Subaru loaded to the gills with gear that we didn’t necessarily want to pay a 17% import duty on.  Nor did we want to unpack our little sardine can in the parking lot, and then attempt to repack it in the desert sun.

Instead we rolled right through the checkpoints with nary a second glance; no unwarranted searches, no unwarranted duties, and no hassle with Wylie. In fact I don’t think we ever even came to a complete stop at any time during the whole process.

We’ve now been in San Carlos for a day and a half, and we’re feeling pretty damn good. We’ve tested out the cactus fruit (our new favorite food), the tacos, the papaya and even a bit of the tap water on accident, to no discernible ill effect (as of yet). The folks are nice, the food is good and the scenery is, well, adequate to say the least. People here drive like bats out of hell (Katie included… she seems to have taken a shine to the local culture straight away), but it’s a good exercise in self defense and a fine way to hone one’s awareness to fast moving and unpredictable projectiles.
     Wylie is loving the beach, though he is definitely getting well above his daily allotment of seawater, an inevitability as he crashes through the waves chasing kelp and rolling stones. He’ll probably hang out in the casita much of the next few weeks, lazing in the AC as we slave away in the marina tinkering away on Selkie’s wants and needs.  More to come on the boat projects as we dive into it headfirst tomorrow…