Five days ago we made heartfelt, lifelong vows to each other on the banks of Ninemile Creek on Katie’s parents’ homestead.  In typical Mark and Katie fashion, the ceremony was defined by laughter, friends and love.  And of course, never to be left out of the party, Wylie was designated ring bearer and best dog.






He apparently didn’t like the pace of the ceremony we’d set forth, so he decided to drag Brad (the dog handler) down the aisle so he could sit at our feet for the vows, and we were happy to have him.

Reverend Rob had the crowd howling in laughter half the time and sobbing the remainder. Brother Nicholas read kind words, Sister Emma sang, and Brianna played a mean guitar.  We were surrounded by our loved ones, both friends and family, as we made official what we all knew four years ago: we will be spending the rest of our lives together and walking the path less traveled, side by side, until the day we die.


Fellow sailor Dick, of Forest Forever Horse Logging, brought the bride to the party in his beautiful carriage drawn by a pair of stunning Belgian draft horses. Our good friend Jeff at Draughtworks provided the IPA that allowed us to persevere through the cold and drizzly weather that ensued after the ceremony was over.


Ted and Margaret of the Ninemile Valley cooked up delicious tri-tip steaks that continued to be devoured late into the night, skewered alongside garlic bread, and dubbed “meat smores” by some of the more creative epicurians that attended.  Meghan at MDK photography captured the love throughout the day, and the photos we’ve seen so far look incredible. Caroline Keyes and the gang from Broken Valley Road Show played into the night, and helped everyone stave off the shivers as we danced the cold away. A huge thanks to all these folks and everyone else that helped set up, break down, cook, organize, and flat out make magic happen.

We’re now on the road (writing this from the passenger seat of a loaded down Subaru somewhere in Utah) heading south for warmer, much warmer, climes.  Posts may be a bit erratic while we’re on the road, but get ready for some serious blog action! No more posts about planning and daydreaming, the adventure has officially begun!


p.s. we know the progress bar is a bit behind, we’re prepping for a reformat…