Wylie’s got everything he needs. How about Mark and Katie?

Ready or not – we’re taking off in about 3  weeks!  All the planning and dreaming is finally coming to fruition.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re not sure if it’s a freight train or not, but we’re heading towards it anyway.

I heard a great story (linked here) on NPR a few days ago about Los Angeles’ Staples Center that sounded strangely familiar. The three local sports teams (Clippers, Lakers and Kings) have all made it to their respective playoff games, creating the ‘perfect storm’ for scheduling.  There are 6 games scheduled to occur within 80 hours of each other at the same location.  So, for those of you non-sports folks (myself included), the Kings are a hockey team, requiring an alteration from a basketball court to an ice rink….within hours.   In addition (because that’s not enough excitement) there’s a huge bike race that shuts down a portion of the city and starts near the Staples Center during the same weekend.

NPR interviewed the Staples Center senior VP, Lee Zeidman about the weekend plans.  I love this exchange:

NPR: “You sound very upbeat about all this, about the weekend. No anxiety here?”

ZEIDMAN: ” I have a tremendous amount of anxiety…. We don’t have enough time for me to tell you all the things that could possibly go wrong or delay anything that takes place over these next four days.”

That’s kind of like what we feel like.  There’s no time to get anxious, to get nervous.  There’s no time to think about the thousands of things that might go wrong. It’s go time.