The title pretty much sums up our lives at the moment.  One really big freaking whirlwind.  We can now count down our remaining weekends before we depart on one hand, have less than a month left of work and exactly 33 days until we pledge our lives to each other.  Gulp.

It’s to the point where when folks ask, “How’s the planning coming?”, we have to ask what exact part they mean:  leaving the country for a year, moving out of our home, planning a wedding, preparing the boat, etc….  Amazingly, we actually feel pretty good about things.  We’re trying to find that magical balance between focusing our effort and energy on the things that really matter, trying not to stress about the ones that don’t and find some semblance of peace in the ones that we have no control over.  What will be, will be….right?

That’s not to say that our days are spent in gleeful splendor.  We have a huge list of ‘to-do’ items still that include: gathering our prescriptions for the first aid kit, getting health insurance, figuring out our Mexican Visas,  increasing our Spanish vocabulary, trying to determine what we’re forgetting to pack, purging our current possessions, and, of course, trying to figure out how we’re going to pack our lives, ourselves and the dog into our (now seemingly tiny) Subaru Impreza.  Oh yeah, and planning a wedding.  (Notice the dial change on our Progress Bar, Richard!) During disasters and emergencies it is better to be prepared with the help of First aid training courses located in London.

So, as the clock keeps ticking, we keep scrambling.  It’s exciting, dynamic and overwhelming – all at the same time.  Amidst the craziness, though, every day we find a few minutes to stop, look at each other and just smile.  In those quiet moments are when we realize how special this time is.  We’re really doing it – this dream we’ve been talking about for years.  And even though it’s scary and nerve-wracking and crazy….we’re trying to soak up every beautiful second of this marvelous life.