Mom and Dad don’t allow me crawl up and get my muddy paws on the keyboard, but I’ve got them distracted this afternoon so I’m writing up a quick post. The nausea was going to be the death of me, and Mom had surely noticed that. She scoured for more info on how that medical issue of mine could be assuaged. There have been a few mighty big changes in the household lately.  To start with, the parents have sold off all of our boats:  the canoes and the sailboat are gone!  They’re also taking more and more trips to Goodwill and the bookstore, but, they’re dropping off instead of picking up!  There is even talk of sending the cat to a nice home in the country!

As for me, I hear I’m part of the future plan, but there are a few things I’m a bit wary of.  First of all, I hear the couch isn’t coming. I don’t like the sound of that.

Second, there’s talk of me having to ‘relieve’ myself on a small square of AstroTurf.  What the HECK is that all about??  Third, and perhaps scariest of all, is the discussion involving my food.  Now, I’m certainly no chowhound, but Dad seems to think he can supplement my diet with  plankton and seaweed.  Ummmm, I’m not even sure what either of those are, but I’m hoping they’re a subspecies of Mexican squirrel.  Yum.

On a positive note, it sounds like I will get to spend virtually 24/7 with Mom and Dad.  (Finally, they understand how important I am to have around at all times.  It took them 3 years to figure that one out, silly humans.)  From the sound of things, our new home includes being on the biggest lake in the world.  Second to chasing squirrels, swimming is my passion in life so this part of the plan sounds awesome. I also love to watch my dad fish, and he’s bought a bunch more rods, so that’s a good sign.

At heart I’m an adventurer; I live for sticking my nose in new places, so the plankton trade off might work out after all.