Our 28' 1962 Pearson Triton, Selkie, awaiting us in San Carlos, Mexico

We’ve been alluding to it for a week or two, but now that the ink is dry, we can contain ourselves no longer.  We bought ourselves a boat!

She’s a Carl Alberg classic, full keeled with long overhangs and beautiful lines. She’s no spring chicken, but she’s strong; at least a few of her sisters have sailed around the world. She doesn’t have all the creature comforts of a 40’ Beneteau or an RV, but that’s not what we were looking for.  We were looking for something simple, ruggedly built, and beautiful.  We think we did well.

Selkie, our 1962 Pearson Triton, is currently resting in San Carlos, Mexico, awaiting our arrival in July.

We’ve begun to compile information on Pearson Tritons, and hopefully this site will become a wealth of information on this classic boat.  Soon we’ll have a dedicated page to all things Triton related: blogs, restoration projects, reviews and more.

Let us know what you think of her!