She’s 1600 miles away. She’s in a foreign country. We had to coordinate the seller, the surveyor and the crane driver.  She could only be hauled at certain hours of the day due to tides.  We could only contact the marina with a calling card since our Verizon plan won’t call to Mexico.

To make a long story just a little bit longer, it’s a total pain the ass to buy a boat from afar.

Once everybody’s schedules got aligned, the survey process actually went pretty well.  Our guy went through the boat with a fine tooth comb, checking moisture levels, electrical bonding, corrosion, sail condition, and everything else a potential boat owner would like to know about before he breaks out a checkbook. We came away with a 30 page report and about 80 photos of the good, the bad and the ugly. We now have a vague and hopefully only slightly, as opposed to grossly, underestimated idea of how many weeks and how many thousands of dollars she’ll require to bring her up to snuff…  If the deal goes down.  (For those of you that have been following….yes, we’re stalling for a few more days!)