As the old saying goes…

“The two best days of a sailor’s life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells his boat.”

Well, let’s just say we’re riding pretty high right now.

        We were sad to see her pull away down the road, but we knew it meant that we were one step closer to sailing the Sea of Cortez.  Yep, we sold La Brisa last week, our 20’ Balboa that traveled us to all the islands of Flathead Lake last summer. She was the boat that we were laying in when we hatched this crazy idea, and now she’s now in a good home on the banks of Canyon Ferry Reservoir with good people in good waters.  We’ll miss you old girl!

A remembrance…

Wylie is teaching Mark the finer points in yacht design

La Brisa anchored up off of Cedar Island, Flathead Lake

Katie looking up Mark's shorts as he climbs the mast

I think Wylie is on the helm here


Two things we'll miss: plentiful freshwater and backyard fresh eggs

Mark laughing again at yet another one of his own jokes

La Brisa anchored with her big sis Spindrift

Katie on the helm with Lyra navigating

Practicing for the big blue

Who needs a mermaid when you have Blase as a figurehead

Wylie oversees Kelly's hangover down below

All smiles on shore at Cedar Island


Us and our lovely lady

That's a lot of people on a little boat

Brad seems to be enjoying himself