Sooo…..we know we started the ‘Boat of the Week’ feature just last week with the thought that we would write dozens of posts about the latest and greatest boats we were interested in.

Well, it all just happened so fast!  Like all great lust stories…, we mean love stories, you just get swept away…

Anyhow, we think we might have found her.  We’re currently deep in the quagmire of getting a survey performed – similar to the inspection of a house – and we haven’t even written ONE ‘boat of the week’ post!  Argh!  (We know of one belgian draft horse logger who is especially frustrated with us for being such a tease…)  We’ll make it up to you all, we promise!

We don’t want to jinx the whole deal and spill the beans quite yet.  We’ll be sure to let everyone know the details once they’re settled and, of course, put up plenty of photos of our beautiful new vessel if it all works out.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!