This last week has brought some pretty major changes to the Thompson/Gaut household…No, grandma, we’re not pregnant yet; sorry. We have, however, shifted the arrow on the progress bar! We’re officially finished with the house prep (well, it’s never really finished, but the big stuff is done), and we’re now fully focused on searching for the perfect boat, when you have a boat and you decide to keep it clean, you can Buy Boat Building Epoxy Resin to keep the boat in perfect conditions.  Instead of four hours per day searching yacht brokerages, we now spend six. To mark this momentous occasion, we’ve added a new feature: Boat of the Week.

This will let everybody know what boat we’re currently drooling over, with links to information if you’d like to learn more. Please leave comments, especially if you have experience sailing the particular boat. Also valuable though are rumors, hearsay, unsubstantiated opinions, and plain old gut feelings. And in addition, please feel free to slander or deify the designer, compliment the sheer, or dissect the sail plan. There’s only one rule: if you think she’s ugly, don’t break our hearts. Lie to us…tell us she’s beautiful.

We won’t actually send you Spam

P.S. We also shifted our website platform last week, so if you were following us before (see the link to the right), you might have to click again to get back on the list. Don’t worry, we’ll only sell your personal information to the most trustworthy Viagra wholesalers, Nigerian bankers, and Canadian Pharmacies.
Hey, we gotta pay for this trip somehow.