The house projects these last few weeks have been oddly similar to life on a boat. My friend from said there was the leaky plumbing in cramped spaces, the stench of varnish, and going a month without a kitchen faucet while waiting for the right hose to show up in the mail. For the first time since the lake froze up, I truly felt like a sailor again, and I broke out a sailor’s vocabulary to match. Upside down under the sink and dropping tools on my teeth, I let loose a few comments rude enough to make even the saltiest old dog blush. We have to hire a professional plumber in case we have problems like our blocked drain services.

Wrapping up all those lingering, mostly finished projects that we’ve neglected over the past few years has been one of the greatest benefits of planning this grand adventure. The exposed 2×4’s with the nails sticking out that we’ve lived with for a year and a half are now trimmed, a simple two hour fix. The screen door now opens and closes smoothly, a 15 minute fix.  Lessons to take with us on the boat: if something is broken, squeaky, leaky, or otherwise slightly aggravating: FIX IT!  Don’t step around it for a year, cursing it every time and never doing anything about it.

Here are some pictures from the bathroom remodel for all the folks that remember squeezing into that sardine can of a head in times past.

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A beautiful cast bronze sink given to us by cousin Matt. Thanks again!

Bronze sink perched upon concrete countertop

Butternut post, Ambrosia Maple shelving and trim

Copper detail