Christmas came a little late this year.  A snowy January morning last week, we awoke to a package upon our doorstep, and in that package was a sextant.  Now don’t get your hopes up, you non-navigators, a sextant has nothing to do with back country lodging nor the delectable goings on that such a prefix might imply.  Rather, it’s a tool that uses three parts sorcery and one part witchcraft, to help a sailor find his longitude and latitude after a lengthy sacrifice process involving a left handed virgin, the tongue of a baby porpoise, and LOTS of blood drinking.  Needless to say, we’re excited to learn how to use it!

Many thanks to Keith Stagg, accomplished pilot and good friend, who bestowed this gift to us; we’ll scrub it down when we’re done, we promise.

It should be obvious by now that we’re pretty much experts when it comes to sextant use and celestial navigation, but we feel like perhaps a book on the subject might propel us to the next level of virtuosity.  Please take a minute to fill in the poll if you have any thoughts on the best book to round out our education.

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